Saturday, October 13, 2007

Buddy the Goldfish

This is Buddy. He was just a skinny little baby, when the ping pong ball landed in his bowl at the carnival. That night I got a call asking if I'd like to give him a home...
There he was, just sitting on the dining room table in a little jelly jar with a purple ribbon. Poor little fella. He fit right into my cup holder.
I pulled my Eclipse tank out of storage and Buddy's new home was ready in minutes. Freshly conditioned water, a new filter cartridge, a little log, a little plant, some shiny gravel. Buddy swam around slowly, mostly resting near the bottom. That's when I noticed a few small white spots. Ick! Off to the pet store to get medicine... and in a few days the spots cleared up, and when they did, Buddy was a new fish! He started eating and plumped up nicely. And boy was he spunky! Zooming all over the tank. He'd rush to the glass to greet me when I'd come home, always looking for a snack.
Then another friend came to live with Buddy and I... we just call him Frog. Frog was an abandoned classroom pet that got left behind in a flash flood evacuation. When the building reopened, we found Frog in a small plastic container with smelly brown water. He probably hadn't eaten in a week. No one claimed him, so he came home with me too.
I'm not sure Buddy liked Frog when he first came home... they stared at each other alot.
But now he and Buddy are friends. They swim together, eat together and Buddy even helps Frog when he's shedding, a little nibble here, and there...