Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stitches On the Brain

Years ago I remember seeing an interview with Billy Joel during which he spoke about his "methods" of song writing. He said that every so often he would wake from a deep sleep with a song or musical composition in his head. He kept a notepad and blank tablature sheets next to his bed to write down these spontaneous inspirations... sometimes they were entire songs! It sounded strange... that you could wake up with such detailed and creative information, sometimes more creative than anything you could think up during your waking hours...
As weird as it may be, when I was studying genetics in college, I'd wake up with a slew of Punnet Squares in my mind that calculated the exact percentages of baby mice that would be born with different coat colors, white spots and albinism (sorry if I'm losing you here). I had a thing for mice and rats.
Anyhow, lately when I sleep my brain starts crocheting...sometimes I'll see a stitch that I have no idea how to work and something happens in my sleep... apparently the wheels are turning and my crafty mind calculates stitch patterns, sometimes I wake up with an entire project completely worked out in my head and I scramble to jot it down in my handy dandy idea book.
Tomorrow I want to wake up with my entire thesis and case study typed up :P